Bereavement Care

We understand that bereavement is something that everyone will face at some point in thier life and that it can be one of the most challenging things to work through. At Holy Trinity we offer support to all those we encounter through our Funeral ministry, as well as to members of our church community who are experiencing bereavement. 

One of the best resources we have found is the Bereavement Journey course. This is a 6 week course that can be done on-line or in person and covers many aspects of the bereavement experience. 

As a supplement to this course, we also run a monthly drop-in Bereavement Cafe , where people can gather, drink tea and coffee and simply be in solidarity and support.

We also offer two special services each year where people can particularly remember loved ones who have died. These are an All-Soul's Service in the autumn and a Churchyard Service (outside) at the end of June.