We are very lucky at Holy Trinity to have an organ that has been nurtured and well maintained over the years. The warmth of the sound it makes is widely appreciated by congregations and visiting organists alike.


Built by J.W. Walker 1952, incorporating original 1890s pipework. Electro-pneumatic action.

Two manuals: Great, Swell (enclosed) 4 ½ Octaves

Pedal division extending to G above mid C

All divisions contain a good range of reeds, flutes and brass, with a bright Swell Mixture.

All divisions fully couplable at pitch and at octave. (No ‘Unison Off’ function)

Using the Organ

The organ at Holy Trinity is not generally available for private practice. However, if you are an organist visiting the church with a choir or an instrumental ensemble and need to use the organ, you will need to download a form from this page, which you will need to fill in and return before you will be given the key to the organ.


request to use the organ pdf format

request to use the organ MS Word format