Peter’s Easter Journey

Published on Fri, 1 May 2015 20:00

Our curate, Peter Godden has been with us for nearly a year, and has been enjoying a lot of Good News! Peter is a massive Watford FC fan (no surprise that he also does a great turn singing Elton John’s Crocodile Rock in our production of Noah!) and he will marry his fiancée Caroline soon after being ordained priest by Bishop Pete here at Holy Trinity. 

Things change pretty quickly in this life. One member down, half of One Direction’s merchandise is suddenly out of date. Watford’s promotion race was so close that every goal gave the league table a completely different look right down to the wire. And of course, on 7 May, a few thousand votes may affect millions of lives overnight. 

At Holy Trinity we’ve recently journeyed through Holy Week – the build up to Easter. Jesus began that week by entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, adored by the crowds. But on the Thursday night He was betrayed and arrested, and by the next morning he was hanging from a cross. Life really can change that quickly. 

We had a great Holy Week at Holy Trinity. We kicked off with ‘Messy Church,’ for all the family with plenty of noise, food and laughs. The next day we recalled Jesus’ Palm Sunday entry to Jerusalem by walking, with singing accompanied by live music from our monthly Encounter service band through the (really rather wet) streets of Northwood. 

On Maundy Thursday over a hundred of us, young and old came together to eat a simple ‘Seder’ style supper, just how it might have been at the Last Supper. Some of us washed each other’s feet, just as Jesus and his friends did the night he was arrested. We ate and worshipped together, taking communion around the supper table before moving into Church for some quiet reflection and a silent vigil. 

We spent Good Friday in quiet reflection, thinking about Jesus’ sacrifice for us all on the cross with a family service (followed by Hot Cross Buns) and then Three Hours at the Cross. 

Now that would be a pretty bad way to end a week. But for us, it doesn’t stop there. We believe there’s one more thing – Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Easter Day is about love’s victory over darkness, and it’s as big a celebration as we get in our faith. Just like in all walks of life, you see hope, you experience despair. But we have the confidence that God’s love ultimately always wins. 

I love the thought of Jesus’ friend Mary going to his tomb on Easter morning and finding it empty – before seeing him standing nearby. Life really can change that quickly. 

Rev Peter Godden 
Curate, Holy Trinity 

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